Integrating with

To get a comprehensive overview of all Kontent's integration points, please refer to the documentation.

Please note, that all integrations provided by the team on github are essentially an integration examples, are open-sourced (under MIT license), and are meant to be reviewed and adapted by the end-customer.

List of all available integration examples can be found through the kontent-ai-integration github topic here: example integrations

Way of working

While working with the linked repositories, we kindly ask everybody to follow the following rules:

  1. Any URLs provided in the repos are not meant be used in production. You should follow the steps provided in the integration's repository to deploy it yourself for testing, or use in production.

  2. If an integration is missing deploy instructions, or you're having trouble with setting it up, please create an issue in the integration's repository.

  3. If you wish to use any premade integration in a production project, you should perform a code review and fork/deploy the source code on your own as integrations are subject to change without any notice. It is also always a good idea to inspect a code you are planning to use seriously, especially if it connects to a 3rd party service, and/or requires some kind of special authorization (API keys, etc.)

  4. Some of the integrations may require further configuration such as custom API keys, or be subject to CORS limitation. In those cases, you will need to fork the source repository and adjust the configuration in your copy repository according to instructions in the element's README file.

  5. Some of the integrations may contain a form of a server/backend part as well (using Netlify functions, Azure functions, or Amazon Lambda functions). In that case, the setup process will require deploying and configuring these services as well for the element to work. This should be always mentioned and described in the repository documentation as well.


Feel free to share your created integration with other developers. This can be easily done by marking your public github repository with kontent-ai-integration topic.

When creating a new integration, feel free to use our Template Repository for React that will make it easier to set everything up.

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